Francis William Newman (1805-1897) was a polymath, as well as a religious and social reformer. Whereas his vocation was that of a classicist and historian, his writings—religious, philosophical, philanthropic, political, historical, philological, orthographic, mathematical, economical, and dietary—reflect the diversity of his intellectual concerns and the breadth of his knowledge. Even so, Newman's paramount interest was in religious studies, particularly within the Judæo-Christian tradition, and it is Newman's exemplary practice of bringing all of his intellect to bear upon the study of religion that has determined the focal emphasis of the Francis William Newman Research Center.

     Established in 2008, the Francis William Newman Research Center exists for the dissemination of the works of Professor Newman and the advancement of critical thought regarding his works and life.

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The Works of
Francis William Newman
on Religion:
A Critical Edition

This ten-volume set, available as a digital, searchable edition through The Philosophy Documentation Center since 2008, is now being published in paperback and distributed through Barnes and Noble. Many of these volumes will have new Introductions. Already available in print are the following volumes:

Letters from a Theist: Against the Idolization of Jesus by Tod E. Jones. Bloomington: Xlibris, 2010; rpt; Francis William Newman Research Center, 2012..