["Professor Newman on the Currency": Letter of F. W. Newman to the Editor of The Times.]


        Sir, — To commemorate the Queen's jubilee, it has been proposed to coin a gold medal. Surely it would be better to stamp and issue a new and serviceable gold coin worth 25s., to be called an "imperial" or an "empress." When this is achieved, it has been well argued by a young man that without more ado we shall have a decimal currency; for it will be optional to all to keep their accounts in — Empresses, worth 25s.; half-crowns (which we may call trents, as being 30 pence), 25s.; three-penny pieces, which may be called groats.

        Bankers need not deal in any smaller coin than a groat; then 10 groats make a trent, and 10 trents make an empress. For the pence, the duodecimal system would conveniently remain; 12 pence make a shilling, six half-pence make a groat.

F. W. NEWMAN (Emer. Prof.).        
Weston-super-Mare, July 14.