[Letter of S. Vukovic to Francis William Newman.]

Monday, May 9 1864
91 Stanhope Street
Hampstead Road

    Dear Mr. Newman,

        I beg excuse for troubling you with a request, but in sad cases to whom should we apply but to our cause's unchangeable friends?

        Two Hungarian officers, gentlemanly men, Simon Simon & Stephen Lákány, have arrived from Italy & wish to go to America, to take service in the Federal Army. They have read in the papers, that the American Consul has it in his power to send individuals capable of military service, over, & that's the subject of their application.

        Being aware that you are on terms of friendship either with the American Consul or with His Excellency the Ambassador I shall feel very thankful if you would be kind enough to give to my two countrymen a letter of introduction & recommendation to either of those gentlemen, & as they cannot afford to spend many days in London, the more speedily their request will be taken up, the greater will be the benefit bestowed upon them.

        For the better appreciation of their ability for the service sought for, I beg to tell that Mr. Simon, now 34, has served in our army in 1849 as officer of Artillery, — was afterwards enlisted by the Austrians into their ranks, from 1860 to 1862 served in the Hungarian Legion in Italy, was with Garibaldi at Aspromonte, & since then confined at Mondovi.

        Mr. Lákány, 31 years, was also in 1849 a young officer at the end of our war, — war at home till 1853, from 1853 to 1860 in Valachia, Secretary to Colonel Milo, — since 1860 his career was the same as Simon's.

        I take the liberty to introduce these two young men to you personally & anticipate your kind compliance with my request. I am, Dear Mr. Newman,

Yours Faithfully,     
S. Vukovic