The Francis William Newman Research Center Library is an expanding online collection of documents in the public domain pertinent to the study of Francis William Newman and the "pure Theism" movement of the nineteenth century. Included in this library are the following:

  1. The published writings of Francis William Newman (see the Bibliography provided on this website)
  2. Published criticism of Newman
  3. Biographical sketches of Newman
  4. Sources referred to by Newman in his published writings
  5. Published writings by other Theists (e.g., Theodore Parker, Charles Voysey, Frances Power Cobbe) or Unitarians (e.g., James Martineau, John James Taylor, Charles Wicksteed) contemporary with Newman

     The Francis William Newman Research Center Library is a work in progress. Although we currently have nearly seven hundred catalogued entries, it is possible that the particular document you are looking for has yet to be added. If a document is especially rare or fragile, a copy may be unavailable; if a work is under copyright protection, we may be legally prohibited from providing public access to it. However, many of our holdings are simply waiting to be scanned, catalogued, and uploaded. Please feel at liberty to inquire of the FWNRC whether the item you seek is within our possession and can be prioritized for processing. Subscription is required for electronic access to The Works of Francis William Newman on Religion: A Critical Edition and to Letters of Francis William Newman, Chiefly on Religion: The Braithwaite Correspondence, 1868-1897 (The Philosophy Documentation Center, 2009).